Government of an Ark
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"That We Govern for Freedom"
"Oceans and Atmospheres"

Power Base of the Americas

The United States is built among prosperity agreements. Washington, DC is a meeting place for the representation of governments of states and territories to meet. The Capitals of the states are a meeting place for the counties. The county governments are a meeting place for representation of the towns and cities. It is important to note that in the Americas, the power of our nation is collectively, the individuals, and the recognition of the individual with freedom of choice as a contributor to the constrution of the United States.

This is important for the statements.
    Arch Natural Law

    Arch law is a construction of Legal determinations and legal work of the states and counties of the United States, specifically evaluated for Natural Comparisons identified among Flock and Mankind. Where america is a natural nation, are we permitted to respond naturally to an act of aggression? Are we permitted to defend ourselves and our countrymen? Having already prosperity agreements among men in the usa like free speech, equality, life and liberty, these are evaluated against natural as agreements of prospertiy. Arch Natural Law observes the law in place already argued or where it is stripped, and evaluates it against natural freedoms where some comparison among the flocks of creation and those actions of man and individual over a period of time are idenified to establish the activity as natural, and before or while arguing it against the statements of other men.

    Arch Natural Law, makes and observation of the territorial law where it is applied, idenitifes what is natural using comparisons and scientific efforts, and then argues the actions that is disputed. Whether evaluation by our fellows or lawyers argues natural activity or statement of belief and practice reltive to what already is, ait is still among men.

    Early Foundations for arch law

    I am seeking person to help me design the foundations for arch law, and then to assist arguing with it in a court of law.
    • The basis for natural action or activity in the United states should be demonstrated as natural over several thousands of years and more.
    • FOundations for law include equlaity of action and numbers.
    • The activity should be compared to members of the flock; animals like dogs, birds and insects.
    • A animal fight should be understood life and death. This video gives and example, and discerning natural law, try to interject where a police officer works before making the argument. What rights did the officer remove or allege they provide for either person in the dispute depicted. Is it a crime for the officer to remove a weapon?
    • In the united states, we live in a self described natural nation, have access to existing law and prosperity agreements, and can argue according to belief.
    • When arguing belief as part of a natural law; it is important to understand how to argue. Example, two men both commit the exact same sin; however, one alleges they can kill for it and the other alleges it is not a crime. The person with the belief they can cage or kill for that sin are liable for their own belief, the person believing it is not a crime is not liable; and can recover damages from the other the result of those actions taken.
    • Is it sick for a bird to sing on a branch or a wolf to howl at the moon? What about a cicada or other animal? The flock makes noise to attract mates, distract the enemy, notify the area of danger, and more. If you are being assaulted, and the person making the assault tells you to keep quiet while your being hurt or alleges your sick while experiencing a weapons use, what are they really doing?
    • Arguing with tools. A person goes to court and argues a hammer can not drive a nail into a piece of wood, or that a screw driver does not turn a screw, or that a some other tool does not achieve the purpose. What are they arguing with? The natural use of a tool should be argued in court where possible. Tools can build houses or tear them to pieces. The can help make trinkets and jewelry or to scrap them.
    • A business of another person is affecting the environment, and in such a way it can be shown unnatural or to change a natural measurement shown normal over thousands of years. How should the person argue with the company? Environment, life, liberty, and pursuit. Should your pursuit violate Environment, life or liberty, it can be challenged.
    • A natural law suggests it is not a crime among men, and has never been a crime, and is not a crime among billions of flocks, or comparison of equality agreed. Where arguing equality as freedom is piece of natural law as an agreement among men, the person should consider and demonstrate things like the police can do it, the doctors can do it, the attorneys, lawyers, and judges can do it, and should demonstrate a liability.
    If you would like to begin a conversation about Arch Law, and how to proceed developing it as part of our GoA elluminous Chapter in Floirda, please make an effort to contact our organization and have offer skill and expertise for the project.

    Natural and Unantural
    • Natural is discerned: as established activity demonstrated over very long periods of time >2000 years.
    • Unnatural activity is discerned where no comparison of activity among flock for comparison over very long periods of time can be discerned.
    • An example of natural freedom does not include a freedom to spray the territory. No natural comparison exist.
    Ark, Arc, and Arch Law and the RULE

    There is a natural RULE, discerned over thousands of years by our scientists, and what is an unnatural RULE, defined by planet and position near star and in space, and discerned by scientific effort among men for what is added to the RULE equation. To maintain health of the people and flock, we adhere the rule and require innovation within what is shown by science to be safe for people, from failure or success of uncertain or certain science sets.

    Arguments and Structure of individual government
    • Arch Law, Natural Law in a Natural Nation
    • Arch Embassy, Where the Embassy of Washington Dc or the States will not represent the Individual
    • Ark Law, Grounds of Belief argued as part of United States or American Law
    • Arc Law, Law governing the use of spark relative to natural energy container measurements.
    Personal Statement

    We play with no regard for cost, if we loose this fight, this state and the humans of this territory will become sicker. Never sell what cant be bought, the majesty can not be taught (nobody can make trees, though we can plant a seed.) We should continue to provide hope where none can be found. We should Always give with pure intent and regardless of the money spent, this garden is our home.

    I have habit of working online and in front of other people, sometimes not by choice. The spell check i use has been disabled, and I write fast. If you have complaints about the process, presentation, or perhaps can spell better and present with better grammar, please volunteer. There is a lot of work, and a lot of information to collect, organize, and present!

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