Government of an Ark
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"That We Govern for Freedom"
"Oceans and Atmospheres"

Power Base of the Americas

The American Government is accepted as it is, and of that law, the United States is built among prosperity agreements. Washington, DC is a meeting place for the representation of governments of states and territories to meet. The Capitals of the states are a meeting place for the counties. The county governments are a meeting place for representation of the towns and cities. It is important to note that in the Americas, the power of our nation is collectviely, the individuals, and the recognition of the individual with freedom of choice as a contributor to the constrution of the United States is important, specifically where other men might imagine the individual has no government and can not compete as a contributor with a unique perspective to the legislative process or discuss their own beliefs becasue of some moral opinion presented about the freedom of other men. It is also important to note, that none of the meeting places has greater comparative authority than the individual of their own land, even were some designation asserts or imagines otherwise. The state of Florida has over twenty million self governments and each is a governor of themselves and their land. How did a nation with so many governors determine to lead? We used a ballot process (vote) to determine we should use a ballot process (vote), discovering a popular opinion among men from discussion, and then select a representative to talk about that agreement at meetings places like Tallahassee, FL and Washington, DC or foreign meetings; and return later to us with details.

Arch Natural Law

If you would like to begin a conversation about Arch Law, and how to proceed developing it as part of our GoA elluminous Chapter in Floirda, please make an effort to contact our organization and have offer skill and expertise for the project.

Natural and Unantural
  • Natural is discerned: as established activity demonstarted over very long periods of time >2000 years.
  • Unnatural activity is discerned where no comparison of activity among flock for comparison over very long periods of time can be discerned.
  • An example of natural freedom does not include a freedom to spray the territoiry or toehr naturasl. No natural comparison exist.
  • An example of natural freedom does not include some authority to deply electromagentic weapons under all of the homes or cities to trap, prepare apeople for war, or other wise do harm with electrical weapons.
Ark, Arc, and Arch Law and the RULE

There is a natural RULE, discerned over thousands of years by our scientists, and what is an unnatural RULE, defined by planet and position near star and in space, and discerned by scientific effort among men for what is added to the RULE equation. To maintain health of the people and flock, we adhere the rule and require innovation within what is shown by science to be safe for people, from failure or success of uncertain or certain science sets.

Arguments and Structure of individual government
  • Arch Law, Natural Law in a Natural Nation
  • Arch Embassy, Where the Embassy of Washington Dc or the States will not represent the Individual
  • Ark Law, Grounds of Belief argued as part of United States or American Law
  • Arc Law, Law governing the use of spark relative to natural energy container measurements.
Personal Statement

We play with no regard for cost, if we loose this fight, this state and the humans of this territory will become sicker; like germany, england, suadi arabia, russia, mexico... Never sell what cant be bought, the majesty can not be taught (nobody can make tress, though we can plant a seed.) We should continue to provide hope where none can be found. We should Always give with pure intent and regardless of the money spent, this garden is our home.

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